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When we take a seat, we just show the attitude, not the pose

Which is the first thing each of us thinks about when we see a chair? The first thought is whether it is comfortable when we sit on it. The second thought is if the chair is elegant. Sinumm chairs naturally combine, from the first glance, ergonomics and design, elegance and refinement, opulence and comfort.

Older generations do not care about the devotion for a better life. The new generation inherits the advantages and wisdom of the elder generations, but they also pay more attention to their working environment. We spend over 7 hours every day, seating down and one of the latest studies highlighted the fact that over 80% of employees reported complains about their chairs. The study also shows that suffering from ailments is a direct result of not sitting correctly whilst working at a computer, with one in five employees taking time off, at an average of 14.5 days per sufferer.

These new findings are alarming and reflect the true scale of the problems associated with working at a desk. Creating a comfortable, healthy and productive environment is not a big investment for companies of all sizes and is easy to implement.

Employees are working harder than ever before and are far more motivated when employers demonstrate an interest and invest in their wellbeing. Although there has been a fall in the overall rates of sickness absence in recent years, the rate for musculoskeletal conditions and mental health problems, such as stress and depression, has increased.

As an individual who will do whatever it takes, you know your environment has to enhance your productivity and meet your ergonomic needs.

Create luxurious, exquisite and unified, yet individualized environments, to enhance your team’s health and productivity, while meeting ergonomic needs!

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